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We are happy to introduce you to: Chento, Stech, Peewee, Jaymila, Moyra, Luna, Mallory, Docsy, Sandro and Pommetje, Kynoa, Ella, Troja, Holly, Pierro, Bodi, Xyra, Charro and Gringo


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Chento is Marcia's first horse and is crossbreed NRPS, New Forest/Pinto.

Marcia bought Chento when he was 2,5 years old and taught him everything, while she learnt from him as well. They rode together in several competitions like jumping, military, short distance races and they followed western lessons. They also went on a lot of recreational trailrides, like beach rides and multi-day trails. Marcia and Chento know each oher through and through.

He is a brown/white pinto horse, 1.50 in height and has a sensitive character; he needs a little while to get to know you but after that he will do anything for you!

Chento is the leader of our herd.


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Stech is Dimitry's first horse and is a black and white Gypsy Vanner Horse. She is 1.52 in height, has a good character and is a multi-purpose horse. She takes small children and the most scared grown ups with her into the forests and shows them that horseback riding is a lot of fun!

She is very steady and we use her to discover new tracks in the forest.

Stech is used to wearing a harness and we use her to pull both our wagon and sled. She also pulls people on skis or snowboard!


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Peewee is an Overo Red Dun Paint and came to our Farm third in row.

He is ridden by Marcia as the leading horse.

Peewee loves humans and quickly comes to you from our paddock or meadow to get a hug.

He is willing to work, eager to learn and therefore loves to go out for a ride!


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Jaymila was our fourth horse, bred at Marcia's old farm in The Netherlands.

She is 75% Fjord and 25% Gypsy Vanner Horse, 1,42 in height and Buckskinn multi-coloured.

Jaymila is suitable to carry children as well as grown ups. She is not very big but extremely strong; a beautiful and compact pony.

She is always in for a hug!


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Moyra (one of our Gypsy Horses ) arrived together with Luna, in October 2015.

She is a black-white Tinkermare, 1.60 in height, she is strong but fancy built horse.

Moyra is relaxed, gentle of character and always eager to work for you.

We take her on trail rides but she is also capable of pulling the chuckwagon. In July 2016 Moyra gave birth to a beautiful black-white foal named Charro.


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Luna (one of our Gypsy Horses) came to us in October 2015, together with Moyra.

She is a strong built tricolour tinkermare.

She has a very kind nature and is willing to work for you, when you’re near her she will surely come to get a hug.

She loves to go outside for a trail ride or pull the wagon. In the wintertime she also pulls the sled and people on skis or snowboard!

Luna brought a beautiful tricolour foal with blue eyes into this world in August 2016. His name is Gringo.

On the 13th of May 2019 she gave life to another beautiful mare foal, named Xyra.


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Mallory is a black and white Tinker mare. She is one of the gentlest horses and loves making everybody feel save on their first ride. She loves to cuddle and can spend hours being brushed. Mallory loves people and will do anything for anybody!


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Docsy came to us in May 2016.

He was used in Western sport in the Netherlands, mainly Reining and Cutting.

Now he joines the trails outside and is perfect if you want to learn to ride bareback.

All riders, from young up to adults will learn from him!

With very light helps he will do anything for you!

Sandro and Pommetje

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Sandro and Pommetje came together to the farm. They are best friends and will follow eachother everywhere. Sandro is very gentle and always makes everybody feel save on their ride. Pommetje is the oldest horse on the farm and still takes small children on the beginners rides!


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Loena is beautiful black horse. She is horse with a lot of energy. On the trail you have to be strict for here, but when you're a team it will be an amazing feeling.


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Kynoa is the newest horse in the herd. She used to belong to Marcia's sister-in-law. Kynoa is a very sensitive horse with a lot of energy and usually you will see her running around in the field. Right now Kynoa is still getting used to life on the farm but hopefully in the future she will join on trailrides!

Troja and Ella

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Troja came to the farm together with her daughter Ella. They are Ardenner mares. They pull the chuckwagon and in the winter the sled. They also work on the field and pull an old-fasioned plough. Troja and Ella each join on trailrides and are some of the most comfortable horses to ride!


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Holly came to the Farm in March 2016.

She is a nice, robust Ardenner Mare.

Holly pulls the chuckwagon and works on the fields where she pulls vintage farming equipment machines. We even harvest our own hay with a vintage machine from the fifties, with Holly pulling! She also helps us with moving cut down trees, which we use as firewood.

She absolutely loves to cuddle!


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Pierro is our miniture stallion and Marcia has owned him since he was a foal.

It is a mini shetlander and his colour is pintaloosa.

He is 0.95 in height. He usually lives in the pack and sometimes he even thinks he is the biggest of the herd!

Pierro is a real charmer and once in a while he gets a visit from a mini mare for breeding.


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Bodi is a foal from Pierro and was born at the Farm in June 2016. She is a real small bandit, at the same time the mascotte of the Farm! She is also used for rides with the smallest children as she is only 85 cm.


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Xyra is a mare foal of Luna, born on the farm on the 13th of May 2019.

Xyra loves to run on the field with her long and elegant legs! She is very eager to learn new things and stands first in line when we go to pick up the horses for a trailride. She will be trained on the farm when she is ready and will be used for trailrides. When you enter the field Xyra is always down to play with you!


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Charro stayes also at the Farm where he will get all the training he needs to join the multiday trails, short tours, working on the fields, pull a wagon. He is beautifully build, has a nice colour and brilliant character!


 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Gringo stays at the Farm, where he will be trained. Marcia and Dimitry want to make an allround horse from him. He has to learn trailriding but also to go in harness and pull a wagon with tourists or to work on the fields on the new Farm. Gringo has a goofy character and wants to try and eat everything, including your ponytail if he can sneak up behind you!

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