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There are several airlines that fly to and from Sweden. The choice of the airport in the North depends on where you want to be. Not forget Norway, a number of airports is located relatively close to the Swedish border. A flight from Germany to the Netherlands or North takes between 1.5 and 2 hours.

( If you're on time to book with KLM, the cost for a return is about EUR 120,- )

Flying Companies who flies to Sweden are:

Airports in Sweden and Norway:

Stockholm – Arlanda , from Stockholm Arlanda you can also take a domestic flight on certain days (not on weekends!)

See : Direktflyg


Train/transfer from Oslo Gardermoen - Kongsvinger

You can take the train from Oslo to Kongsvinger (travel time +-1.5 hours), cost +- Sek 245,-

Starting from Kongsvinger to the Farm we can arrange a transfer. (Travel time +-1.5 hours) costs Sek 1950,-


by public transport from Oslo Gardermoen-KARLSTAD-Hagfors-Hagfors-Farm Free + Sek 750,- per person (between the 4 and 6hrs travel time!)

Public transport


Transfer Oslo Gardermoen - Farm Sek 3800,-

You can share this cost when you're with a group.

The transfers price is for ONE WAY.





Crossing: Travemünde – Malmö (Malmö-Ekshärad +-600 km)

Finnlines offers sailings from Travemünde in Germany to Malmo in Sweden. There are several sailings per day making it easy to choose an appropriate time. So on a busy day in the high season you can fine a late (or early?) boot choose so you behind the files to drives to Travemünde.

We self are already traveled with the night boat that departed to 01.00 at night. There is on time started boarding so we were in our cabin all to 23.30. morning we enjoyed the breakfast and reason to 10.15 of the boat in Malmö.

The port in Travemünde is located on a large industrial estate where nothing to do. Arrive early, Park the car and think a town of walking is not possible.



Stena Line

Crossing: Kiel – Göteborg (Göteborg-Ekshärad +-325km)
By boat from Kiel to Gothenburg. Stena Line sailing on this route with a night boat, which departs from Kiel in the evening and arrive in the morning in Gothenburg. The advantage is that you can eat, sleep and have breakfast and equipped from Gothenburg in Sweden can further drive away.

Tip for people who have their car on the boat:
Make sure you know where you stand and how you have your car hut. The boat is bigger than you think and every time we see people desperate search for their car. Even more annoying is if the doors are already open and the cars of Board allowed to drive and your car blocks the entire row behind it.



Color Line

Crossing: Kiel – Oslo (Oslo-Ekshärad +-200 km)

Color Line cruise from Kiel to Oslo. Oslo is in Norway but the West of Sweden is easy to reach from Oslo.

De link: Color Line



Car/without boat

Car: via the bridges
It is possible to drive all the way to Sweden via Germany and Denmark. You will pass two toll bridges in Denmark, the Great Belt Bridge and the Öresund bridge. If we start in Netherlands sees the ride look something like this: Osnabrück, Bremen, Hamburg, Flensburg, Kolding, Odense, Copenhagen, Malmö.

Car/boat: (short extra pounds)
A combination of boat and bridges. You drive to Puttgarden (Germany) and cross over to Rodby (Denmark), then get via the Öresund bridge cross over to Sweden. Your cuts than the whole ride through Jutland and Funen. You can also continue and with the pond via Helsingor to Helsingborg.


Rent a car

Often you rent if you're flying in a car travels to Sweden. On the airports you can find usually Hertz, Budget and Avis, Sixt, Europar. For renting a car do you need a credit card. We usually rent a car over the internet in advance, if you then pay right away you get a discount. You may also choose to only pay when you pick up the car but then you get that discount of course. You also have the same credit card again when you pick up the car, the rental company reserves than a certain amount on the card as a deposit. Without that credit card you get the car not count! If you have returned the car and there is no damage they give that amount again. If you want an additional driver for the car you should indicate that in the rental (costs a little extra). Furthermore, there is usually asked if you want to extend the insurance (so far we have never done that).

If you get the key to draw a form on which State or car damage or not, for this damage, you are protected. It is recommended that before you start moving just to check if the car also has other damage and immediately to go back to the counter if something is wrong.

The return of the car is very simple. You can park the car in the parking lot for rental cars and delivers in the terminal at the desk the key again. If there is no one you can throw the key in a mail box. To be sure, I always make a few pictures of the car like that again in the parking lot. Then I can certainly demonstrate that any dent have not yet sat when I parked the car (Fortunately we have never had to deal with it).

Sometimes you get through the airline an offer with a discount and that's a bonus. Furthermore, at the ANWB (even searching on the ANWB-site) to find a CDP code that gives a 10% discount at Hertz.

Although we compare wins every time in our case almost always Hertz. We travel with very little luggage and usually opt for the smallest car. Sometimes we are lucky and we get a free upgrade but not on there.

What strikes us is that we in Norway get a car with snow tires and in Sweden a car with dubbs (studded tyres).

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