Far away from the inhabited world...

 ...4 daytrail on horseback going back-to-basic where we spend the night in the forests in tipi tents. 

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Wednesday afternoon

Arrival at the Little Farm; meet each other and the horses.
Together Diner & Night in tipi tents.

 - Paardrijden in Zweden


Departure from the Little Farm; Approx. 20-25 km through the forest (somewhere w’ll have lunch).
Thursday afternoon arrival, we take care of the horses, build up our camp, prepare the food together and sleep in the tipi tents.

 - Paardrijden in Zweden


Departure from this place, approx. 20-25 km through the forest to the 2nd overnight spot. Friday afternoon arrival where we camp again, take care of the horses and prepare the food together..we have a beautiful view and enjoy the silence and the nature sounds..

 - Paardrijden in Zweden


We enjoy the morning view..take care of the horses..clean up the camp and we leave to make a beautiful, shorter, heavy ride back to the Farm. Saturday afternoon we will arrive there, we will have a nice night out with BBQ, music and possibly you can relax in the hottub!


 - Paardrijden in Zweden


Breakfast on the Farm. In the morning/afternoon (depending on departure) another nice ride in the forests.
In the afternoon departure from the Farm.

Dates: mid-May until mid-June & mid-August until the end of September .

* To protect our horses we use a maximum weight of 90 kg per person

Price: SEK 7950,- p.p.

This includes: 

  • Horse, Saddle bags, Cap, Waxcoat, Leather chaps
  • Tent, sleepingbag, stretcher, campstuff.
  • From Wednesday evening till Sunday Noon breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Flight tickets
  • Any transfer costs
  • Extra delicacies like beer, wine and liquor
 - Paardrijden in Zweden
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