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Trails for beginners

For beginners there are also trails, you will riding in a small group to make it more of a personal ride as it is important that the rider feels as safe as possible. A good explanation before departure and the possibility to take you on an extra-long line that the guide will hold if you don’t feel to confident.

You will also first come in contact with your horse, before the ride. You will brush your horse and maybe helping with saddle up.

The horses walk behind each other in the group. In principle, we are only riding slowly with beginners, if the whole group is not afraid and want to try a short galop, it’s not excluded! Enjoy a 1.5hour Trail through the beautiful forests of the farm.



1,5 hour trailride Sek 595,- ( High season Sek 650,- )

Sunset trailride +- 3 hours Sek 895,-

It's even possible to make a 2-day trailride! Take a look here :  2-Daytrail Adventure  ( For this Adventure it's only possible for people who are not afraid and are in a good condition )

IMPORTANT * To protect our horses we use a maximum weight of 90kg per person.

 - Paardrijden in Zweden
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