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Ground work with horses/Lesson in the paddock

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

We can give a personal lesson (private lesson) and learn more about groundwork with horses. ( Natural horsemanship ) Examples of this are: learning to “read” horses, leadership, timing, trust and learning to understand the signals of horses.

During a riding lesson in the paddock, we go deeper into our riding style, riding with a long rein and keeping your balance. We use the term "pressure and release" here. This means that if the horse does what you want, you then give him all the space. As a result, we ultimately achieve a lot with very light aids.

You can also take a bareback riding lesson – find your balance and feel even better how well your horse responds to the small aids you give.

The lesson is adapted to the person, experience and wish. The lesson is open to everyone.



Prices riding lesson in paddock / roundpen lesson

  • 30 min. Sek 295,-
  • 1 timme Sek 395,-


5 x lesson card

  • 5 x 30 min. a Sek 275,- = Sek 1375,-
  • 5 x 1 timme a Sek 375,- = Sek 1875,-


10 x lesson card

  • 10 x 30 min. a Sek 250,- = Sek 2500,-
  • 10 x 1 timme a Sek 350,- = Sek 3500,-


IMPORTANT * To protect our horses the max. weight for a person is 90kg.

** With a group of at least 4 people Sek 50,- discount per person.


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