Sek 3250

2 Days trail Horse Adventure back-to-basic

Adventure with horses trough the beautiful nature of Sweden, after a long daytrail we're arriving on a beautiful place in the forest, we take care of the horses, building our camp, cooking on fire and sleeping in a tipi-tent in the middle of nowhere under the stars...



  • Arrival 10:00 at the ranch. (possible to book an extra night before)
  • Horse with harness, saddlebags, cap, (chaps and wax coat can also be borrowed)
  • Day 1: Long day of horseback riding (+- 4/5 hours) arrival at the overnight place in the middle of the forest.
  • Day 2: Shorter, tough ride to the ranch (+- 2 hours) Departure Ranch : +- 15.00
  • Lunch 2x Breakfast 1x Dinner in the woods 1x .
  • Tent, stretcher, sleeping bag with sheet bag, pillow, extra blanket and a sheepskin.
  • Sleep in a tipi tent on a lake under the beautiful sky filled with stars.
  • Your personal belongings, together with all camping gear, will be brought to the place where you will spend the night,  by van.


Price: Sek 3250,- p.p.

* Possibility to book extra overnight stay(s), breakfast/dinner.

** At least 2 people. ( When you are alone, contact us, you may be join another group : )



To protect our horses, we use a maximum weight of 90 kg per person, we weigh every rider for the classification of the horses.


* For this activity it's important to ask yourself:

- Are you sporty?

- Do you have connection with horses?

- Don't you see the horse as a means of transport?



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