- Paardrijden in Zweden

From Sek 550

Trailrides for beginners

For beginners there are also trailrides, trust your horse and let you guide through the beautiful nature..

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

From Sek 550

Trailrides for experienced riders

For experienced riders we have several possibilities, the experienced rider is expected to master the three basic gaits. ( Walk, trot and canter )

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Sek 750

Sunset Trailride

A beautiful ride into the Swedish mountains while the sun is going down..with amazing views...

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Sek 495

Swimming with horses incl. photoshoot

Always wanted to swim with a horse? Make your dream come true!

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

From Sek 450

Wildlife safari

You're joining a tour with the landrover jeep searching for mooses and other wild animals...

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

From Sek 495

Covered Wagon Tours

...interested in horses but it seems to be more fun to take a tour with our chuckwagon, you can!

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

SEK 695

Catch the wooden cow with lasso

Practice first on the ground...then catch the cow with your lasso!

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

From Sek 250

Pancake- or BBQ evening

Eat a nice meal on the farm after a ride in our outdoor saloon, where we will prepare food on an open fire. 

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

From Sek 295

Roundpen natural horsemanship/Lesson in the paddock

We can give a personal lesson and learn you more about ground work with horses, learning “to read” a horse, leadership...

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Sek 950

Hottub Evening

Hottub Evening, after an active outdoor day give your muscles some rest in a hottub filled with hot water!

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

Sek 3250

Back to basic 2-day trailride, sleeping under the stars..

A beautiful 2-day trailride, sleeping in the forest in a tipi tent under the stars...

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

On request..

Sleeping at the farm

Stay on our Farm in a holiday house where you have a beautiful view over our horses and the river...

 - Paardrijden in Zweden

From Sek 475

Sleigh tours with a horse

During the winter months we organize, if circumstances permit, sleigh-tours in combination with a walk...

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